Buzcelik believes that creation of the model of perfection and consistently developable model of perfection is parallel to human's competencies and vision. Buzcelik adopts being an organization that consistently developable and learnable because of its wish of leading. And Buzcelik adopts a situation that develops and changes in this direction.

We have created a system that finds education lack of institute and employees. We are creating and adopting education plans with business results reports of our quality department, competence measurement results, business objectives results,
other systematic training needs analysis programs. We also identify and follow development areas with knowledge skill matrices.

We use a lot of technique of education as standard training, compulsory trainings, technical development training, personal development training, in-house training, external training, distance education, rotation, single point education, simulation etc. so we are adding value to our employees and our organization by supporting our employees' needs for the organization and the future while at the same time supporting their personal development.