Our HR Policy

All together as Buzcelik Family, our goal is going from strength to strength and rising with our company. We work with people who well-educated, open to innovation and changing, have entrepreneurial ability, dynamic, have potential to developing themselves and their business, have teamwork skills, protect the companies value.

Working in Buzcelik Group 

As Buzcelik, we aim to reach excellent organizational structure by we have employee encouraging with the idea of innovation and development and we have employee's skills enriching.

    Our approach at this point;

  •   to ensure the perfect match between the appropriate position and the right person in the recruitment process.
  •   to adopt a management approach that protects its employees.
  •   to offer a chance that training and development opportunities to our employees for specific position needs.
  •   to have a place that has freedom of thought.
  •   to have employees adapt to competitiveness with reward.
  •   to offer promotion and transfer opportunities between departments and companies.
  •   to have a work environment with fair and trustworthy.

Job Application

The Applications is assessed for appropriate positions on Iskur, Sim, Elemanonline and Buzçelik web site. All the applications is saved for 6 months in our database. Job is offered to right candidate by human resources department or corresponding department after psychotechnical test (personality test, foreign language test), interviewing, examining job history and references.