Our Code of Ethics


Being honest in relationship, business process is first rule of our company. We are principle of honesty is our priority for our employees and all business partners. We choose our business partner with honesty that being our first rule.


Buzcelik does not make a distinction between age, race, religion, language, marital status, political view. 
this policy is always implemented in recruitment, placement, promotion, termination of employment contract, recalling, transferring, leaving, remuneration and training.

Employees do not work with forcing by the firm. Employees salaries and rights cannot be seized even for a temporary period. identities and important documents of employees cannot be seized even for a temporary period.

Employees cannot be worked out of working hours. All overtime working and holiday right are based on voluntariness.

Employees cannot be processed in contradiction to human rights and personal freedoms. Meals and breaks are mentioned in human resources procedures and meals and breaks are not a restriction.


Buzcelik's employees cannot accept the gift that effects their impartiality, performance, decision; has valuable or worthless

   But the gift that is given by the person or legal entity who has the business relationship with our firm or being a potential customer can be accepted by employees. Gifts that are below half of the gross minimum wage is defined this way. Gifts that exceed this price shall be accepted by submitting to the administrative affairs department with minutes and this gift is evaluated.


In addition to our legal responsibilities, we take care to fulfill our responsibilities against our customers, our shareholders, our employees, suppliers and business partners, against our competitors, against the environment, society and people, against our brand and Buzçelik name.


We work with a proactive approach that focuses on customer satisfaction and responds to the needs and demands of our customers in the shortest possible time, in the most accurate manner. We offer our services on time and on the terms we promise; we are approaching our customers on the basis of respect, honor, justice, equality and courtesy.


For our partner's satisfaction, we avoid risky business and we busy value creation.


We compete with rivals with legal methods and avoid dishonest trading.


Our business partners, our customers and our other stakeholders they all trust our professional competence and our honesty so we try to keep our reputation at the highest level.