• Geometry: 32mm x 28mm
  • Copper Tubes Ø3/8”
  • “V” type aluminium fins.
  • The finned coils are designed with aluminium fins spaced at 2,1 to 2,5 mm, crimped onto copper tubes.
  • Header  inlet and outlet tube connections made of copper.
  • Maximum operating pressure PS= 30 bar.
  • Staggered copper tubes.
  • The coil circuits are designed for refrigerants R404A, R507F, R449A, R507C, R134A, R407C.
  • Different fin spacing can be selected as an option for 1,8mm to 4,0mm.


  • Electrostatic powder coated RAL 7035 galvanized steel.
  • Galvanized steel or aluminum.
  • Each fan chamber is separated by internal baffle plates to prevent induced wind milling of off-cycle fans.


  • Ø500-Ø630-Ø800 mm / 230V-50Hz-Monofase 800~1250d/d / 400V-50Hz-Trifaze 650~900d/d fans.
  • Selections should be confirmed by your Buzçelik Technical Specialist.
  • Standard or low noise level are available.
  • Different kinds of motors available as optional. (EC or AC)
  • Motor protection IP54 insulation class F.
  • Different kinds of accessories available as optional. (Axicool Fans, FlowGrid etc.)
  • Working conditions -40°C/+50°C.


  • The nominal capacities calculated according to Eurovent EN328 standards that refer  to  ∆T=15°C condition and are valid for R404A.
  • Capacities are calculated according to EBM or Ziehl - Abegg or equivalent brand fans.


  • Different casing color.
  • Other tube wall thicknesses and fin spacing on request.
  • Mono phase 220V 1~ 50Hz fan or three phase 400V 3~ 50Hz fan.
  • Please keep in touch with our sales department about your special needs that are not mentioned in the catalogue.


  • Casing made of stainless steel.
  • Epoxy resin coated aluminum fins.